How long do short sleeps actually take?

There comes a time in the life of almost any C++ programmer, where one of the various sleep functions raises its head. Most of the time the problem boils down to some kind of polling algorithm, for example waiting for a resource and wanting to let other processes work in »

Comprehensive C++ Lambda Overview

This article is intended to be a comprehensive but still understandable and beginner-friendly overview over lambda functions in C++. Any section marked as "advanced" can be safely skipped, although they should be readable enough to understand for intermediate C++ developers as well. Please be aware that most of these features »

Fold Expressions

While implementing a logging facility I recently stumbled across a problem that can be reduced to the following: Inside a variadic function template, if the log level is high enough, forward all arguments into an ::std::ostream&. Dutifully I solved it in a recursive fashion: inline log(loglevel_t »