Parameterized Functions

I was recently playing around with Perl 6, where I encountered dynamic variables, which are looked up in the dynamic scope at runtime. This means that it is possible to shadow variables on the call stack instead of through lexical scoping. When I was thinking about the implications of that »

Fully Qualified Out-of-Line Definitions

Recently I stumbled upon a piece of C++ code that fails to compile with Clang, although it works with gcc just fine. Since I was unable to divine at a glance what was going on, I created the following Minimal Complete Verifiable Example: using test_t = int; struct S { test_ »

How long do short sleeps actually take?

There comes a time in the life of almost any C++ programmer, where one of the various sleep functions raises its head. Most of the time the problem boils down to some kind of polling algorithm, for example waiting for a resource and wanting to let other processes work in »

Comprehensive C++ Lambda Overview

This article is intended to be a comprehensive but still understandable and beginner-friendly overview over lambda functions in C++. Any section marked as "advanced" can be safely skipped, although they should be readable enough to understand for intermediate C++ developers as well. Please be aware that most of these features »